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Our Story

The Compost Company was born out of a frustration of seeing nutrients taken from the soil and thrown into the landfill, then supplementing the soil with high-potency chemical fertilizers that plants cannot immediately absorb, and are washed into our waterways. While composting was the clear solution, it is hard to implement a solution like that on a large scale. And waiting for the large-scale haulers to site, permit, and build out a giant facility felt a long ways off. 


The Compost Company aimed to figure out a way to create a clean, quick to implement, efficient to operate composting facility that could still handle the large food waste loads of grocery stores and restaurants but operate on a small footprint of local farm land with minimal disturbances. The business is in the pilot phase where an in-vessel composting systems is used to create high-quality soil amendments from food waste from local restaurants and grocery stores. While a simple solution to a complex problem, The Compost Company is expecting to branch out into larger markets once the pilot proves successful.